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Types of protein powders: cow milk proteins, egg proteins, soy proteins and goat milk proteins

Hoxton Personal Trainer Protein Powders The most popular protein powders are the ones derived from cow’s milk: whole milk, casein and whey protein. The whole-milk protein powders have lactose and fat filtrated out of it, while keeping casein and whey (the ratio of 80 % casein and 20 % whey) intact. The full digestion of casein takes up to 5-7 hours, which means that you get a slow and steady amino acid release for the extensive period of time. Whey protein is the opposite of casein – its digestion and…

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Hemodialysis Health 

What is Hemodialysis And Why It’s Needed?

The kidneys help in the the all-important role of removing waste and extra fluid from the body. However, this ability is hampered when one is facing a chronic kidney disease or an acute kidney injury. In cases of acute renal failure, the kidneys are unable to function properly thus leave the body to deal with wastes. This is where hemodialysis helps as it’s an artificial way to get this waste out of the body. In hemodialysis process, doctors use a man-made device, called a dialyzer or membrane to perform the…

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