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Tips for Check-in Process at the Airport

If you travel on Friday or Sunday or on a three day weekend or in a busy airport, you may encounter long lines at the check-in area. Here are some ways to keep the line moving: Read instruction signs when you arrive at the check in area. Every day people hold up the self-check in line because they followed the person ahead of them there when they actually want someone to do it for them. Agents make themselves hoarse asking passengers to step up to an available kiosk. Do not…

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Popular Historical Places in India news Travel 

Popular Historical Places in India

As tourism in India is growing, backpackers throughout the nation are becoming more adventurous and are trying different destinations and different ways to spend their holidays. India is a big country and history has always been a major aspect of it. It is not just a mere attribute of the country, but an attribute that defines the country and sets it at par from other countries in the world. Historical places are spread all over the country and it might be a good idea to spend your next holiday exploring…

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Top 5 festivals celebrated in the state of patna news slider Travel 

Top 5 festivals celebrated in the state of Bihar

Bihar is known for many things, and its rich culture and traditions is one of the them. To truly witness Bihar in the light of a fun and exciting state, visit during one of its major festivals and be a part of it! This article talks about the top 5 festivals celebrated in Bhar. A state reflecting its glorious past and showcasing the progressive development the state has been undergoing, Bihar is turning into tourist hotspot. Patna sees a horde of tourists and the number is growing with each passing…

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Planning a trip to Shillong? Here are places you can’t miss out on

One of the most popular hill stations in India is nestled in the Northeastern region of the country. The hill station of Shillong is gaining prominence in the tourism scene of India and is showing no signs of slowing down. This article discusses all that you need to know for your trip to this beautiful hill station. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Shillong? The hill-station of Meghalaya with stunning landscapes? If that is your first thought, you are spot-on! However, there is…

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Top 4 occasions To Rent A Luxury Car

Don’t own a luxury car like a Lamborghini, Mercedes or some other car of your fantasy? Well, even if you can’t own one, you can surely rent one for special occasions. We are living happy content lives even without luxury cars in our lives, however it is always nice to have special moments from time to time. If you live in LA (Los Angeles) or frequently visit it, you know LA is a lot about fancy things and sophistication and all the glamour. So, it would be the perfect place…

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Paying a visit to the holy town of Shirdi

Shirdi is considered as a standout amongst the most known worthy pilgrimage destinations and plays home to the most predominant and wealthiest temples in India. This article talks about the town of Shirdi as a pilgrimage site.   Without a cloud of uncertainty, the main focal interest in the town of Shirdi is it being the home of the great Hindu saint, Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi. This town in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra living in a close region with noteworthy urban groups like Mumbai and Pune is great…

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Soul-Stirring Weekend Getaways around Kolkata

Kolkata is the second city to be built by the British Empire, after London. Situated on the banks of the Hoogly river, Kolkata is known to be the social capital of East India. While the city is blessed with a couple of landmark attractions, it is a basic thing for people to find a getaway from the monotony of life and of course, to escape the heat of the cities. So here we take you through the greatest weekend getaways around Kolkata which revive your soul, as well as are…

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Touring Through Southern India

India is one of those places in the world, which offers you types of locales and shows a lot of geographical diversity, all within one country. There are particularly two parts of the country that are well known as tourist destinations, one is the northern part of India and the other one is southern India. While the highlight of the northern part is the mountains, it is the sea and the oceans that dominate the southern part.  Exploring South India South India is one of the most coveted tourist destinations…

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Major Benefits of Outsourcing in Travel Industries

Holiday adventures and fun are unforgettable moments that keep on mesmerizing you. After getting stacked with regular office burden, a holiday is the perfect break that fills your life with enthralling experiences. Whether you have planned a short-term visit to Goa or a long-term summer holiday package to Nainital, it is important to ensure that your travel company has given a complete package that encases everything that you demand.  In the present time frame, a large number of travel companies are providing tour packages to fulfill the emerging need of…

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A Few Incredible Things to Do During the Delhi City Tour

Delhi is the most fascinating place in the world which every tourist tends to visit once in the life time. This is one such place that owes a huge ancient history and is even a modernized place and one can easily feel the sign of development everywhere. In the capital city of India one can see the culture as well as tradition and people who love to spend a vacation can easily choose the Delhi city tour and enjoy various interesting things around the city. Starting from the food till…

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