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What are the Things that Affect your Home Loan Eligibility?

People often wish to have a dream house. A house which can fulfill all their needs. A house which they can come home and relax in. As these days a house is just not used as a shelter, but a house serves many purposes. People often look for a house which they can call as their dream house. But these dream houses can be expensive. It might happen that you even have to compromise with the house sometimes. And the house that you like may not be on your budget…

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How to get Loans with Bad Credit

Often, many of us get stuck into different turmoil of life, which result in a bad outcome. These problems may caused by certain uncontrollable circumstances. A bad credit is somehow the same situation. Mainly and most of us score badly due to forceful circumstances not by any deliberate attempt. Further, it is very hard to get any financial support in form of loans from banks. But, the game is not over, there are still few ways available through which one could access financial support. Credit unions A credit union is…

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Business Loans: A Quick Way to Finance a Business

Whether you need to expand your business, invest in new equipment or plainly want to borrow for working capital, a business loan can be the best way to do so. Business loans are a quick and straightforward way to finance a business. A business loan is mainly categorized into: Short term loans Medium to long term loans Short Term Loans As the name suggests, short term loans are typically offered for a short period of time that is for around 6 to 24 months. Short-term loans are further categorized into:…

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