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Getting the numbers right definitely gives your business a boost

Starting your own business is one of the things that we all dream to do one day. Often, when things are not working with the boss at work it is easy to get lost in thoughts of how all this would come to an end one day, when you finally kick start operations of your own. It definitely pays to be your own boss. You can afford to be flexible with your time, and conditions such as depression and other work related stress may actually subside. This does not mean…

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Difference Between a Regular Fixed Deposit Account and a Sweep-in Fixed Deposit Account

 A Fixed Deposit account is one of the safest investment options. It allows you to keep an amount in the bank on which you’ll receive interest at the end of the tenure along with the invested sum.   A sweep-in account is a service offered to Fixed Deposit account holders. The account holder gets to decide a minimum amount that stays in the savings account. Any excess sum gets transferred to the Fixed Deposit account, and whenever cash is needed, the bank just ‘sweeps’ in funds to the savings account….

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Business Loans: A Quick Way to Finance a Business

Whether you need to expand your business, invest in new equipment or plainly want to borrow for working capital, a business loan can be the best way to do so. Business loans are a quick and straightforward way to finance a business. A business loan is mainly categorized into: Short term loans Medium to long term loans Short Term Loans As the name suggests, short term loans are typically offered for a short period of time that is for around 6 to 24 months. Short-term loans are further categorized into:…

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