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4 Indian Art Forms That Have Survived the Blow of Time

There is no denial to the fact that India is a land of rich culture and heritage. Each part of this land breathes a distinct set of culture and value. Such kind of diversity is hard to find anywhere else. It won’t be wrong to say that Indian soil holds the greatest treasures of varied art forms. The thing which demands appreciation over here is that these art forms have been preserved by people over the period of time and they haven’t let the essence of art leave their souls….

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2017 Wall Art Trends

Who doesn’t like to have stylish things? Right from our clothes to gadgets and even cars, we look out for the most stylish pieces, but why do we tend to neglect the trends when it comes to our home and its décor? If you have guests coming over, then your premium selection of cars on the entry, the magnificent structure of your home might surely impress them but the impression would surely vanish into thin air as soon as they see dull and boring walls of your living room! Walls…

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