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3 Mind-Blowing Discoveries in Testosterone Treatment

Scientists, by their nature, continuously learn. Science evolves as people research and study a subject over and over again. Items known or suspected in the past get put into perspective as current studies discover new findings. This can sometimes cause whiplash in the public domain. Nowhere is this confusion over what’s scientifically sound more profound than in the medical field. These three mind-blowing scientific discoveries promise to excite the debate over testosterone therapy even more than it already is. 3. Untreated Low Testosterone Men Are More Likely to Suffer Bone…

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12 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Pool Vacuum Cleaner

  Swimming pool care is essential to maintaining healthy and balanced water quality, keeping systems and equipment operating smoothly, and avoiding serious structural damage and possible health problems. One element to good swimming pool care is the pool vacuum cleaner. No different from a carpet vacuum cleaner, a pool vacuum cleaner cleans dirt, leaves, twigs and other debris from the bottom of the pool.  And just like your home vacuum, not all pool vacuums are the same.  Do your research or consult a professional before buying a pool vacuum cleaner….

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