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Improved call centre compliance with advanced data analysis technology

In this era of advanced technology, managers and team leaders overseeing the operations of a call center have a lot of work on their hands beyond the pressing daily tasks of assisting customers, training executives and delivering daily progress reports to the superiors in the hierarchy. Personnel at leadership positions in a call centre solutions company are often responsible for tracking the data required to maintain compliance, keeping in mind the relevant regulations. ¬†Any failure to comply with the regulations could leave an organisation open to complex problems at later…

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Jim Corbett National Park – Perfect Retreat From Busy Schedule

These days our life has just become awfully busy that we hardly have enough time in hand to unwind. Long weekend trips are the only way to wind down ourselves. Though seldom do we get the time to go on a long holiday. Hence, in such a fast paced life, weekend tours are becoming increasingly popular among people. They take you away from the stresses of everyday life and revive your energy levels. Perfect retreat tour option: Jim Corbett national park is the most preferred tourist destination in India. The…

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