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Demountable Walls – Let’s find out about their importance

Demountable walls, also popularly known as movable walls are temporary architectural wall systems. It can be mounted, or installed at any given location and can be undone as you please when required. Generally, used as partitions in the interior space of a house/office, they are of two types: modular and unitized. As the name suggests modular walls usually come in pieces and are needed to be assembled whereas the unitized walls as usually assembled together. Being cost effective in the long run and giving out an elegant exuberance movable walls…

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Exclusive Wedding Invitation Card Ideas for Your Special Day

So, it’s your wedding and being so special day of your life, every minute detail should have been planned.  If you are planning for your wedding then keep in mind to cover all the corners helpful in organizing a great and exclusive wedding. You have to stick off every detail in your checklist from guest list to the mandap, but what about the most important save the date note and wedding invitation cards. Indian wedding cards are prominent part of wedding, because it symbolizes that in what way you are…

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